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The most important topics

Business Pages as a marketing tool

Marketing tool

XING Business Pages support your marketing activities and are an effective tool to promote your products and services on a multimedia level. It's easy to create one.

Targeting options

Targeting options

You know your target audience. It’s on XING and possibly larger than you think. Using our granular targeting options, you will always reach your audience.

Reporting of your achievements

Are you curious how your ads perform on XING? We know the numbers! XING will inform you about the most important KPIs so you can see the outcome of your campaigns.

Minimum budget for advertising on XING

The budget for your advertising campaign can vary a lot, depending on the products and the size of your campaign. Read more about the minimum budgets for the XING Marketing Solutions.

Reaching Premium users

XING Premium members are interested in entertaining content with additional value. Find out about the advertising tools that you can use to reach Basic and Premium users.